Luisetti SeedsVision

Through research, integrity and the talents of our staff, we aim to become the best and most trusted provider of grain and seed products and services in NZ.


We provide seed and the latest technology to add value to the business of farming, backed by over 75 years of family based integrity and experience.


Luisetti logo 75yearsLuisetti Seeds is a family owned and operated company located in Rangiora on the Canterbury plains of the South Island. In 2009 Stapletons in Ashburton became a fully-owned subsidiary of Luisetti Seeds.

Luisetti Seeds has been trading profitably since the Company’s inception in 1932. There are four family members working for the company, which has a permanent staff of 32, including Stapletons staff.

The company is involved in retailing and wholesaling grain and seed throughout New Zealand, as well as importing and exporting around the world. We regularly service our wholesale clients with marketing material, customer field days and staff training, keeping them up-to-date with our new cultivars and other developments.

Luisetti Seeds has an extensive contract grower base in Canterbury with eight field representatives responsible for contracting and growing a wide range of grain and seed, including process and field peas, milling wheat, ryegrass, barley and specialist clover crops.

The company is head licensee for eight New Zealand milling wheat cultivars with an established market share of 58%.

Luisetti Seeds and Plant & Food Research have formed a joint venture to breed and market milling wheats, feed wheats and feed barleys for the New Zealand market. Luisetti Seeds exclusively markets varieties for two international pea breeders and also markets some of New Zealand’s leading field pea cultivars.

The company is also involved with research and development with a vegetable processing company, investigating the application of new process pea cultivars. Luisetti Seeds takes pride in their state of the art seed-cleaning machinery and grain-handling equipment. Within the New Zealand industry Luisetti Seeds’ seed cleaning equipment is second to none and we enjoy a reputation of quality dressing with a minimum of product loss.

The Company operates two Danish Westrupp UB1500 seed dressers on two separate production lines at Rangiora. At Ashburton (Stapletons) we have an additional four seed cleaning lines. We do not employ outside seed dressers or mobile units, therefore retaining control over quality and timing at every stage in the production process.

Luisetti Seeds has an extensive inward capacity comprising 60 bulk silos with an average capacity of 75 tonne (4,500 tonne total). Furthermore the company stores 4,000 seed boxes (4,000 tonne).

Luisetti Seeds’ warehousing in Rangiora is accessed by five sealed roads and comprises eight large modern sheds. All Rangiora land and buildings are owned by the company. The new, centrally located, warehouse leased by Stapletons in Ashburton was completed in August 2009 and comprises of a purposely designed shed, separate offices and sealed yard.


Vincent Luisetti

Vincent is a director of Luisetti’s and Stapletons. He is also a board member of the New Zealand Seed Quality Management Authority, Secretary for New Zealand Seed Processors Inc and Past President for North Canterbury Agricultural Merchants Association. Vincent’s main roles for the company include being in charge of seed cereals, seed peas and marketing, plus being an agent for the Oxford/Sheffield area. Before joining Luisetti Seeds, Vincent graduated with a B.Com in Agriculture and has extensive work experience in the seed industry in New Zealand and overseas.

Edward Luisetti

Edward is a director of Luisetti’s and Stapletons. Edward has a B.Com in Agriculture and is the agent for the Ashburton/North Canterbury region. Edward’s main roles for the company include being in charge of feed grains, property and staff.

Richard Luisetti

Richard is a director of Luisetti’s and Stapletons. Richard started working at Luisetti Seeds for his father, Vince Luisetti, as a young man of 22. After completing his schooling at St Andrew’s College he then travelled to Europe for two years. On his return, he started working at Luisetti Seeds as an agent. Richard is now the primary contact for ryegrass, small seeds and chemical purchasing.