Luisetti Seeds Rugby


Jimmy Luisetti - 5th Generation Rugby Player

Jimmy luisetti – 5th generation Luisetti to play for Rangiora ( Saracens, Blue & Red) looks to make a tackle on a Cheviot player.

Rugby Sponsorship Announcement

Luisetti Seeds and the Canterbury Rugby Union are pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached for Luisetti Seeds to become the major sponsor of the Country Club Rugby Championship.

This sponsorship is for all Division One competitions in the Mid Canterbury Union and the North Canterbury and Ellesmere Sub Unions.

Luisetti Seeds has provided smaller sponsorships for many rugby clubs over the years and is delighted to be able to make this significant long term commitment to Canterbury Country Rugby. The area covered by the three Unions neatly fits with the area where many Luisetti Seeds and Stapletons clients are concentrated.

Tim Fulton, President of the North Canterbury Rugby Sub Union, said the North Canterbury Rugby Union is delighted to have a Canterbury owned and operated family company on board as a major sponsor. “The Luisetti family and Luisetti Seeds have made a significant contribution to rugby in Rangiora and North Canterbury over five generations and it is fitting that Canterbury Country teams will compete for the Luisetti Seeds Cup”.

Division One North Canterbury teams will compete for the Luisetti Seeds Hunnibell Memorial Trophy. This cup is named after Richard and Max Luisetti’s grandfather, Alf Hunnibell, who was the secretary of the North Canterbury Rugby Union, the North Canterbury Club and managed the Senior North Canterbury Representative team for many years.

This cup has been competed for since 1968 and was presented to the winner of the second round of the North Canterbury competition.

Meetings of the North Canterbury Rugby Union were held in the front room of Alf and Ethel Hunnibell’s home in High Street, Rangiora.

Ethel (known as Nanna to the Luisetti family) washed the jerseys for the North Canterbury senior team for over 20 years. Ethel made her own soap for this operation and boiled the jerseys in a large copper in the wash house. She always dreaded a wet pitch!

Vince Luisetti (Senior- founder of Luisetti Seeds) played in the forwards for Rangiora and was subsequently Treasurer of the Rangiora Club. His sons Max and Richard both played for the Rangiora Seniors and North Canterbury, Richard also played for Canterbury Country Seniors and Canterbury up to Under 20. Max later coached under age teams for a number of years, finishing up with the Rangiora Under 20’s.

Max’s son’s Vincent and Edward both played under age rugby for Rangiora. Edward also played for the Rangiora Senior team and had a season with Celtic in Mid Canterbury where he distinguished himself by being the only member of the team not to have played a representative match for Mid Canterbury! Jon Bond (Stapletons Manager) also played senior rugby for Celtic and represented Mid Canterbury.

Today Vincent coaches a junior team at Rangiora’s Saracen Club (a combination of Rangiora and Southbrook Clubs). Vincent’s two sons play for Saracens.

Mark Frampton (Luisetti Seeds Operations Manager) is the hooker for the Saracens Division One team while Scott Black (One of Luisetti Seeds North Canterbury agents) is a loose forward for the Glenmark Division One team (2010 Championship winners). Local rugby is a hot topic in the Luisetti Seeds tea room!

Luisetti Seeds is proud to be able to make this contribution to Canterbury Country Rugby and we look forward to continuing our long association with local rugby.

Luisetti Seeds Rugby

1924 Vince Luisetti, Vice Captain (Immediately to the right of the ball holder).

Luisetti Seeds Rugby

Richard Luisetti – second from right in second row.(Note: Phillip Wareing – second from left in third row, and Captain Denis Frampton (Mark Frampton’s uncle).


Luisetti Seeds staff members Mark Frampton (Saracens Hooker) and Scott Black (Glenmark Flanker) hold the Luisetti Seeds Alf Hunnibell Memorial Trophy. They will compete against each other for this trophy n the North Canterbury competition this season.