Corteva Agriscience, has announced the successful registration and launch of the new selective post-emergence broadleaf herbicide Milestone™ for the current forage brassica season.

Side by side photos showing Untreated plant versus plant with Early Milestone application. The plants on the right are greener, more uniform and appear healthier compared to those on the left.

Photo Control of Heavy Amaranthus and Willow weed. Left: Untreated. Right: Early Milestone application

Extensively evaluated for weed control efficacy and crop safety in local product development trials, Milestone is a selective, post-emergence broadleaf herbicide.

There are several attributes of Milestone that benefit forage brassica growers. These include the combination and concentration of aminopyralid and clopyralid, which provides effective control of a wide spectrum of weeds commonly found in forage brassica under both cultivated and direct drill scenarios. The combination of these two powerful herbicides that have been widely used on pastures and crops throughout New Zealand ensures Milestone provides control of some of the toughest broadleaved weeds in brassicas and is particularly strong on weeds such as spurrey, amaranthus, willow weed, fathen, black nightshade, hairy nightshade and thistles.

With all post-emergence herbicides, timely application to young weed seedlings and the encouragement of a strong crop canopy is important to maximise weed control. Milestone can be safely applied to leafy turnips, bulb turnips, forage rapes, kales, swedes and raphanobrassica, although guidance on application rates on raphano need to be followed carefully.

The new high strength formulation of Milestone means less product to transport and handle, as well as minimizing the environmental impact by reducing packaging requirements. Formulation advancements have also delivered greater crop safety when compared with T-MAX™ which Milestone replaces in forage brassica. The improvements in crop safety gives the grower the greatest confidence that not only will Milestone control the weeds present but also leave the crop in excellent health.

If circumstances require it Milestone can be safely applied following pre-emergence applications of trifluralin, Magister® + Monarch™, Ombre® and Telar® in Cleancrop™ programs. Milestone is also compatible with most commonly used grassweed herbicides and insecticides.

For further information contact your Luisetti Seeds Technical Field Representative and always refer to the product label for further guidelines on timing and use.