A sub clover dominant pasture, North Otago. A ute with Luisetti branding is parked in the background.

Get more out of your pasture mixtures

Include a selection of Antas, Denmark, Woogenellup and Monti sub clovers with your permanent pasture mixtures to increase the cool season performance in your pastures, providing higher ME feed for pregnant and lactating ewes. We recommend M 10kg/ha of our super sub mixture is included with your pasture mixture.

When sowing Italian type ryegrasses, add Antas sub clover at 10kg/ha. The addition of Antas will increase Ne metabolizable energy of feed on offer. Italian type ryegrasses are easily digested by sheep and provide increased dry matter production.

To increase animal growth rates over the shoulders of the seasons, consider adding our popular herbs Tuatara plantain and Charger chicory.

Contact your Luisetti seeds agronomist for more information.