Luisetti Seeds are saving the trees

Pallets stacked at a landfill site

Pallets stacked at a landfill site

Millions of wooden pallets go to landfill each year. All too often, they are thrown away after only one use.  Initiatives are kicking off all over New Zealand to keep pallets out of the landfill, and make fewer new pallets.

If it doesn’t sound like a big deal, think again! New Zealand manufactures and ships billions of single-use pallets annually – that’s millions of trees we could be saving!

At Luisetti Seeds we are doing our part to do just that.

We’ll reuse wooden pallets as long as we can, and when they can carry no more we’ll send them to pallet recycling centres in Christchurch, where they’re turned into mulch or firewood. To help us keep pallets in use and out of landfill, we’re launching a credit system for any pallet you return to us.

From January 2019, you’ll be credited $30 for each standard pallet and $45 for each large pallet you bring back to our Rangiora or Ashburton locations.

You can drop off pallets at our Ashley Street office in Rangiora, or at our Dobson Street office in Ashburton.

Leave your details with the pallets and our accounts staff will credit your account on a per-pallet basis, ready for you to take advantage of the next time you order from Luisetti Seeds!