Luisetti Paddock of the Year


Luisetti Paddock of the Year

Luisetti Seeds & Stapletons wish to congratulate Lynton, Dianne, Phil and Andy Molloy from Flemington, Ashburton, winners of the 2012 Luisetti Seeds Paddock of the Year.

The Molloy family achieved this prize winning cereal crop with Luisetti Seeds new Biscuit wheat cultivar EMPRESS. Empress proved to be a robust and exceptionally high yielding cultivar that remained disease free through to harvest, exceeding all expectations with the final result. The crop was outstanding from the start and performed well over the entire growing season, finally yielding an impressive 135 tonnes off 9.2ha (14.7 tonnes/ha).

Planted on dryland, the Empress biscuit wheat was drilled on the 21 April 2011 at Flemington. The Raxil/Galmano/ Poncho treated seed was sown at 100kg/ha and a pre emergent herbicide applied after drilling.

Initially 500kg of Sulphur Super and 80kg Urea per hectare were applied at sowing with a further two applications of Urea in August and September.

The Empress wheat received 3 applications of fungicide, and two insecticides over its growing season with a Plant Growth Regulator applied in September. Quality results of the crop are as follows; Moisture: 12.8%, Screenings: 1.8%, Protein: 10.4%, Kernel weight: 42.9, Falling number: 311, Test weight: 78.5kg/ha. The management and chemical recommendations were supplied by Carmel Burgess of Stapletons.

Phil Molloy said ‘Empress is one of the highest yielding wheat crops we have ever grown, it stayed very green and disease free throughout the season. Carmel said it was a great cultivar but we weren’t expecting such an outstanding result. Carmel was able to sell the crop at a good premium as well. We have already drilled a larger area of Empress this year!’

Congratulations to the Molloy family on achieving an excellent result with a new cultivar, in what was a testing and drawn out harvest season.

Luisetti Empress