Small seeds - Cocksfoot

Greenly, Safin, Savvy, Tekapo, Vision, Wana


  • Robust, fine leaved with upright growth habit.
  • Bred for quick establishment.
  • Main production spring, summer and autumn.
  • Suitable for all grazing systems.


  • Super-fine leaved variety.
  • High dry matter yield with excellent early spring growth.


  • A rapid establishing variety
  • Can be used as the sole grass species in challenging dry conditions
  • Good autumn and winter production
  • Leafy with high quality in summer
  • Has excellent disease tolerance


  • Fine leaved earlier flowering variety suitable in low/medium fertility soils.
  • Densely tillered it will persist under set stocking or hard rotationally grazed sheep systems.
  • Excellent drought tolerance and persistence.
  • Slower establishment requires careful early grazing.


  • High yielding over all seasons.
  • Suited to set stocking or rotational grazing.
  • Compatible with other species in pasture mixes.


  • Low crowned and densely tillered.
  • Older variety that is very persistent when established.
  • Tolerates hard grazing and hard climatic conditions.
  • Suited to sheep and cattle grazing.