Cooper Blue Pea Luisetti

Cooper is an exciting field pea cultivar new to the New Zealand market with characteristics that make it an attractive choice for discerning cropping farmers

  • Cooper is a blue pea that is ideally suited as an animal feed. Its green cotyledon adds colour to compound feeds which can increase value because it appeals to New Zealand field pea buyers.
  • Cooper is a semi-leafless type with moderate resistance to powdery mildew.
  • Cooper has moderately long straw with an upright growth habit and good standing power. These features keep pods above the ground, ensure seeds are free from blemish and make them easy to harvest.
  • Cooper is relatively late to flower and produces a large round pea.

The outstanding feature of Cooper is its very high yield potential

  • It produced the highest yield (7.92 t/ha) of the blue peas in a small-plot trial at Lincoln.
  • Paddock-scale yields of four seed crops in the first season of production averaged 6.89 t/ha over a total area of 26.7 ha.
  • The highest yield was 7.43 t/ha in a 3.7 ha paddock at Greendale, possibly a New Zealand record Greendale, possibly a New Zealand record.
  • The crop in a larger paddock (9.0 ha) on the same farm produced 7.04 t/ha.
  • In addition to its performance features, choosing Cooper also makes good economic sense
  • Cooper delivers a top return on investment because of its superior yield.
  • It produces a high income per hectare.
  • This means high profitability because Cooper’s costs of production, especially for the big items such as cultivation and irrigation, are similar to other cultivars.
  • The reduced area required for Cooper provides the opportunity for additional feed or cropping options.