BOLT Triticale

Suitable for green chop or whole crop silage.

Planting time – autumn or spring.

Excellent rust and other disease resistance.

Uniform maturity.


Multi graze triticale.

Can be cut or grazed 2-3 times depending on sowing time.

Highest yield obtained if sown in March, grazed twice (May and August) then cut for whole crop silage in December.

Good disease resistance and easy to manage.


Broad leaved single graze variety.

Rapid establishing with high yield, but limited disease resistance.

Ideal for late sown crop of winter greenfeed.

Suitable also for oaten hay or baleage due to large size of grain.


Bred for improved yield and disease resistance.

Autumn sown for single graze in winter, or spring sown for green chop silage or baleage.

Good resistance to crown rust and Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus.

High yielding variety with broad leaves and upright growth habit.

RAHU Ryecorn

Multi graze cereal.

Autumn sown can be grazed in winter and early spring then taken for silage later in the year.

Suitable for spring sown silage crop.

Can be grown in a wide rang e of conditions.