Crusader, Feast II, Moata, Prime, Sonik, Tabu, Warrior

Listed alongside each cultivar is their: “Ploidy, Endophyte types and Heading dates. Cultivars are positioned according to heading date.

WARRIOR | Diploid | +12 days

  • Medium term Italian type with high tiller density.
  • Late heading date.
  • Excellent winter production with improved spring/summer performance.
  • Shows high tolerance to rust.

TABU | Diploid | +13 days

  • The most consistently high yielding Italian type available.
  • Rapid establishment means it can be used as a single crop or direct drilled into runout pasture.
  • Provides high winter and spring growth.
  • Will last for 2-3 years depending on conditions.

ACCELERATE | Diploid | + 15 days

  • An erect type with high tiller density.
  • Late heading cultivar with excellent spring growth.
  • Productive in a wide range of conditions.
  • Suitable for all classes of stock.

MOATA | Tetraploid | + 16 days

  • Older biennial cultivar with large leaves and erect growth habit.
  • Quick establishment and good winter/spring growth.
  • Highly palatable so requires rotational grazing to avoid plants being ‘chewed out’.
  • Can be used in beef, dairy and sheep farming systems for grazing and/or baleage.

VELOCITY | Tetraploid | +17 days

  • Broad leaved and medium tillered cultivar.
  • Late heading date.
  • Adaptable to a wide range of conditions.
  • Has proven high energy levels compared to other Italians.

FEAST II  | Tetraploid | +17 days

  • Finer leaved tetraploid that has rapid and reliable establishment.
  • Late heading date keeps pasture quality higher for longer into late spring/early summer.
  • Ideal for high quality baleage or grazing.
  • Shows better disease resistance compared to other Italians.

SONIK | Diploid | + 17days

  • A fine leaved, very densely tillered, late heading cultivar.
  • Has fast establishment and quick regrowth.
  • A good all year round performer suited to all farming systems.
  • More persistent under rotational grazing but will tolerate set stocking for short periods.