The lawn seed range includes the following

  • Browntop
  • Fine Fescue
  • Fine Leaf Perennial/Turf Ryegrass

These seeds are mixed together to provide a selection of standard lawn seed mixes;

Superfine – Fescue/Browntop

70% Fescue : 30% Browntop


45% Fescue : 45% Fine Leaf Perennial: 10% Browntop

Berm Mix

70% Fine Leaf Perennial : 30% Fescue

Park Blend

80% Fine Leaf Perennial : 20% Browntop


Which lawn seed should I use?

Superfine – Fescue / Browntop

70% Fescue and 30% Browntop

Usually used for smaller areas. Fine leafed grasses make a nice soft lawn. Susceptible to fungus disease (e.g. brownpatch) in autumn. Not hard wearing. Requires more attention to have it looking its best. Ideal for a ‘show’ lawn. Sow @ 30gms/m2.


45% Fescue, 45% Fine Leaf Perennial and 10% Browntop

Ideal for a good general purpose lawn. The F.L.P. content gives more durability (tracking, bikes, lawn cricket/rugby!). Sow @ 28-30 gms/m2.

Green Magic – Fine Leaf Perennial

Usually used for more extensive lawns to be mown with a ride-on mower. Less expensive to establish, hard wearing, but faster growing than the two above. Faster establishing and durable. Sow @ 20 gms/m2.

Park Blend

80% Fine Leaf Perennial and 20% Browntop

Used by the Council for berms between footpath and road. Can also make a good lawn. Sow @ 20-22 gms/m2.