High Yield & High Quality

Provider™ has all the qualities you would expect in a forage pea, with yields of cereal and Provider™ mixes being greater than cereals alone, while

at the same time increasing forage quality.


  • Exceptional yields
  • High quality forage
  • Good cereal mixes for hay or silage
  • Increases ME, protein, digestibility and sugars for high stock growth
  • Good levels of resistance to common diseases
  • Semi leafless pea that climbs the cereal and holds the crop erect for ease of harvesting


Dry Matter Yield

Provider™ peas typically contribute 25-33% dry matter weight to a cereal and pea crop at harvest and have yielded up to 16 tonnes of dry matter per hectare when grown on their own.

Sowing Date

Sowing date can influence the pea contribution in a cereal mix. August sowing in cooler conditions will favour cereal growth, with September sowings tending to allow the peas to be more competitive.


Cereal pea mix seed is supplied in the optimum proportions to produce the desired combination of yield and quality.

Provider™ peas may be mixed with a variety of cereals.

We recommend Crackerjack Triticale and Milton Oats.


Provider™ peas mature to fit with cereals reaching the flat pods stage at a similar time to booting in cereals and full pod at the milky dough stage. (Trials sown at Lincoln 5th Aug 2003 reached flat pod on 26th Nov and full pod on 10th Dec).


All of the following factors lead to increased animal performance body condition, fertility and milk quality.


Adding Provider™ peas to a cereal will increase the protein value by up to 33%, this being greatest in low fertility situations.

Metabolizable Energy (ME)

Adding Provider™ peas to a cereal will increase the ME values by up to 10%.

Soluble Sugars and Starch (SSS)

Adding Provider™ peas to a cereal will increase the SSS values by up to 10%.


Adding Provider™ peas to a cereal will increase the digestibility values by up to 10%.

Neutral Detergent Fibre (NDF)

Fibre levels are reduced to the optimum 35-40% range from the 45-50% range.


Rocket Triticale/Provider™ Pea Yields

(Mean from two Trials)

  Dry Matter Yield / ha
Rocket Triticale Only 12.75
Provider Peas Only 12.75
Triticale & Provider Peas Mix 14.45

Protein and ME Increases with Cereal/Pea mixtures

  Protein % or ME MJ/kg DM
Protein Cereal 10.3
Protein Mix 13.7
Metabolizable Energy Cereal 10.4
Metabolizable Energy Mix 11.4