Ruapuna Feed Wheat

Consistently High Yielding

Sowing Date

End of March through to June.




High, suitable for both dryland and irrigated areas.


Good protein, low screenings and high test weight.


Short to medium, very stuff.

Disease Resistance

Excellent resistance to both seedling and adult stripe rust.  Good tolerance to powdery mildew and fusarium head blight.  Will require some protection from septoria leaf blotch and leaf rust in high pressure seasons.

Key Agronomic Points

A Very stiff straw requiring less growth regulator input.  Although Ruapuna is a good tillering variety it is important that the crop is set up with adequate plant numbers to maximise yield potential.  At flowering Ruapuna is a non-waxy, bright green colour and this distinguishes it from other feed wheats.  It has good solid block-like heads with large grains.  Standard fungicide practices will ensure high yields.