Delish, Manawa, Maverick GII, Momentum, Shogun

Listed alongside each cultivar is their: “Ploidy, Endophyte types and Heading dates”. Cultivars are positioned according to heading date.

DELISH | Tetraploid | WE/AR1 | +9 days

  • Fine leaved, densely tillered cultivar with high palatability.
  • Late heading cultivar.
  • Bred for improved disease resistance and persistence.
  • Low aftermath heading maximises late spring/summer pasture quality.
  • Expected persistence of 3-5 years in areas with good summer rainfall and higher fertility.

MANAWA | Diploid | WE | +15 days

  • Medium leaved cultivar with medium tiller density.
  • Late heading date.
  • Older variety also sometimes referred to as “H1”.
  • Ideal addition to perennial pasture mixes, providing increased yield during pasture establishment phase.
  • Will persist in low/medium fertility situations better than other short rotation ryegrasses.

MAVERICK GII | Diploid | WE | +17 days

  • Fine leaved and densely tillered.
  • Late heading date.
  • Will persist 3-5 years depending on conditions and insect pressure.
  • Low aftermath heading gives extended pasture quality late spring/early summer.

MOMENTUM | Diploid | WE | +17 days

  • Fine leaved and densely tillered.
  • Late heading cultivar with low aftermath heading.
  • Suitable for all types of stock.
  • Bred for broad disease tolerance.
  • Long growing season.

SHOGUN | Tetraploid | NEA | +26 days

  • Excellent summer quality combined with good cool season growth.
  • Very late heading.
  • Little aftermath heading.