A vigourous, semi- leafless, high yielding sprouting pea.


The benefits of Fiji’s include:

  • High sprout yield – 40-50% higher-yielding than the best-performing pea sprout variety in New Zealand
  • Exceptional vigour
  • Tendrils at the end of the shoot, which increase the “green, leafy” appearance of the sprout as well as their aesthetic appeal, provide more “pea” taste and provide structural support to the crop as the tendrils interlock, preventing sprout collapse and spoilage.
  • Even germination and uniform height, making it suitable for mechanical harvesting.


Semi-leafless variety. This means that Fiji’s hold the peas off the ground and away from other peas, thus avoiding staining and resulting quality issues.

Disease resistant in the field.

Sprout Yield

Fiji’ produces exceptional yields, consistently yielding 40-50% more than Whero, the best-performing pea sprout in New Zealand. This high yield will reduce sprout growers’ production costs, possibly equating to a reduction of 30% in operating costs.


Fiji has tendrils in addition to the sprout leaves. This increases the “green, leafy” appearance of the sprout and provides more “pea” taste. We believe that the tendrils also increase the cultivar’s aesthetic appeal by providing more contrast with the white stem and an appealing extra textural element.

An additional advantage of the tendril is that it provides structural support to the crop. The tendrils interlock, thus helping prevent sprout collapse and resulting spoilage.

Semi-leafless Variety

The semi-leafless nature of the cultivar provides ease of harvesting with a combine harvester. The machinery used to harvest can be set higher off the ground, avoiding the possible transmission of pathogens and eliminating dirt in the harvested product. In addition, the peas are held away from other peas thereby avoiding staining and other issues that can affect sprouting quality.

Disease Resistance

Field observations have been conducted over three growing seasons and comparisons have been made with three popular New Zealand varieties. The results show that Fiji’s are robust and appears to have good resistance to downy mildew and powdery mildew. The semi-leafless nature of Fiji’s means that because the peas are held above the ground, diseases caused by rain splash (e.g. septoria pisi) are avoided.

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