TAHORA | Leaf size: small

  • Suitable for all farming types, but more commonly used in farming systems where pastures come under grazing and climatic pressure.
  • Has a dense stolon structure.
  • Can tolerate lower fertility and suitable for oversowing on hill country.
  • Persists under set stocking.

PRESTIGE | Leaf size: small/medium

  • Widely used persistent variety with high stolon density.
  • Has ability to cover ground and will tolerate hard grazing.
  • A good clover for set stocked sheep grazing systems.

NOMAD | Leaf size: small/medium

  • Suited to drier regions and will persist under hard grazing.
  • Bred for increased stolon recovery after summer moisture deficits.
  • A good base component for white clover blends in dryland pastures.

DEMAND | Leaf size: medium

  • Highly stoloniferous and high yielding.
  • Can be used in sheep or cattle pastures.
  • Bred for southern conditions, good cool season activity.

HUIA | Leaf size: medium

  • Most widely used white clover in New Zealand.
  • Consistent performance under a wide range of conditions.
  • Ideally suited to all ryegrass and clover pastures for sheep, cattle and deer.

APEX | Leaf size: medium

  • High yielding and with high stolon density.
  • Shows good persistence.
  • High number of stolon growing points assists drought and pest tolerance.

BOUNTY | Leaf size: medium

  • High yielding with high stolon density and good persistence.
  • Bred for use in intensive sheep and beef pastures.
  • Can perform well under set stocking, but best growth is achieved when rotationally grazed.

WEKA | Leaf size: medium/large

  • High stolon density and strong spreading habit enhances yield and persistence.
  • Suited to all grazing systems, including dairy where it can be combined with a large leaf clover.
  • Exhibits high tolerance to clover root weevil and shows good persistence to pugging and hard grazing.

TRIBUTE | Leaf size: medium/large

  • Has a high stolon density/leaf size ratio.
  • Tolerance to clover root weevil.
  • High annual dry matter production.
  • Yield and persistence make it ideally suited to pasture where high performance is required.

EMERALD | Leaf size: large

  • Vigorous establishment makes it an ideal companion species in fast growing short term Italian type pastures.
  • Bred for persistence under drought conditions and for overall yield.
  • High stolon density/leaf size ratio.

KAKARIKI | Leaf size: Large

  • Highest producing large leaf white clover
  • High stolon density/leaf size ratio
  • High quality feed all year round

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KOPU II | Leaf size: large

  • High producing large leaf white clover.
  • Ideally suited to rotationally grazed dairy/beef pastures.
  • Performs best in higher fertility conditions where recovery after grazing is rapid.

KOTARE | Leaf size: large

  • Very high yielding large leaf white clover for dairy and beef grazing systems.
  • High number of stolon growing points gives better recovery from grazing.
  • Good recovery from insect and pugging damage.
  • Better suited to dairy/beef pastures.
  • Can be used in conjunction with a medium/large leaf clover.

ARAN | Leaf size: large

  • Largest leaved white clover.
  • High yielding with medium stolon density.
  • Suited to rotational grazing systems for cattle.
  • Best used with a medium/large leaf clover in the mix.