A robust, dependable Spring sown barley cultivar, favoured for marginal barley growing areas.

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Agronomic features

  • Bumpa offers high relative yields in good conditions. It performs at its best under high inputs but is also well suited to lower inputs in early sown dryland conditions.
  • Bumpa easily produces acceptable grading figures with a good test weight, high seed size and low screenings.
  • Seed size is high and it has good tillering ability. We recommend medium to high feed barley sowing rates.
  • Bumpa is suited to a two-fungicide approach.
  • It is favoured for marginal barley growing areas, as a robust, dependable cultivar.
  • Bumpa threshes easy.

Disease resistance:
(as indicated by FAR Cultivar Evaluation 2017/2018)

High yield.


Suitable for
Feed Barley

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