Venus Lucerne

Highly productive new Lucerne cultivar with many superior features.

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Agronomic features

  • Venus is a new Lucerne cultivar bred in South Australia for grazing in dryland situations. It has exceptional long-term persistence and productivity.
  • Venus is a densely-branched cultivar with low-lying spreading crowns, 25% larger than most other semi-dormant cultivars. This contributes to its excellent persistence.
  • It provides good ground cover and is very well-suited to grazing.
  • Dormancy rating of 5 (1 = fully winter-dormant and 10 = winter-active). Moderate to low level of winter production.
  • Highly resistant to Spotted Alfalfa Aphid. Moderate resistance to Blue-Green Aphid and Phytophthora Root Rot.
  • Can be grown on its own or with other species, and can be utilised several times during the year by grazing or cut-and-carry harvesting.

High yield.


Suitable for
Silage or hay

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