Extremely high yields achievable with good late-season management.

Consistently New Zealand’s highest yielding wheat cultivar since its release.

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Agronomic features

  • Wakanui performs at its best when 5-10% late application of Nitrogen is applied with good late watering (uses 5-6 mm/day from full flag to late grain fill).
  • Wakanui has a very long grain fill period so late watering will support well managed high yielding crops to achieve their full potential.
  • Leaves are finer, waxy bluish and may be curled/slightly tubed in appearance compared to other feed wheats. This is a water conservation feature of this cultivar.
  • Harvest promptly to ensure grain quality and falling numbers are maintained.
  • Very high yield potential due to long grain filling period. Still hard to beat in most yield trials.
  • Good tolerance to most diseases. Moderate tolerance to seedling stripe rust, BYDV and adult leaf rust. Be sure to use treated seed to provide seedling stripe rust protection. We recommend a good flag leaf and ear wash fungicide.

Disease resistance:
(as indicated by FAR Cultivar Evaluation 2017/2018)

Very high yield potential. Still hard to beat in most yield trials.

One week later than most European types

Suitable for
Feed Wheat.

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