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  • High yielding Autumn or Spring sown feed barley

    Booma is a medium maturing feed barley that is recommended to be sown from May to October in Canterbury and from August to November in the North Island and Southland.


Luisetti Seeds is a Family owned and operated company located in Rangiora and Ashburton on the Canterbury plains of the South Island of New Zealand. Experts in retailing and wholesaling grain & seed throughout New Zealand and around the world.

Since 1932

Luisetti Seeds has been trading profitably since the Company’s inception in 1932. There are four family members working for the company, which has a permanent staff of 40.


Through research, integrity and the talents of our staff, Luisetti Seeds aim to become the best and most trusted provider of grain and seed products and services in New Zealand.


We provide seed and the latest technology to add value to the business of farming, backed by over 75 years of family based integrity and experience.

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Luisetti Seeds Agronomists recently took part in a brassica IPM (Integrated Pest Management) field study.
There are many beneficial brassica insects which aid in the control of brassica pests such as Cabbage White Butterfly, Diamond Back Moth and Aphids. The focus of the study was to successfully identify the beneficial insects such as the Parasitic wasp, Lacewing and Hoverfly to enable the right decision to be made as to whether it is necessary to apply an insecticide or not. If an insecticide is judged to be required, then it is also about choosing the right chemistry so that the beneficial insects are not destroyed.
A commonly used IPM chemical is Exirel which will control cabbage white butterfly and diamond back moth but will not kill their predators.

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