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Seed Dressing

Luisetti Seeds clean, treat and pack all their own seed and grain from their two Canterbury sites thereby retaining complete control over its own seed cleaning quality and ensuring tight cleaning and packing deadlines are met.

At Rangiora the company has two cleaning lines on a 2.5 hectare site, close to the town centre.

At this site (Head Office), there is a large warehouse capacity, weigh bridge, seed driers along with two mixing and four seed treatment plants.

The seed export and import department operates from this site that is certified by New Zealand Customs as a secure export partner and has a quarantine facility supervised by the Ministry of Primary Industries.

At Ashburton the company operates four cleaning lines and four seed treaters from two modern warehouses bisected by a large tar sealed yard, where up to five truck and trailer units may be loading and unloading at the same time.

The Ashburton site (1.6 hectares) is also certified as a secure export partner of New Zealand Customs. Both sites are supervised and audited by the New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries and are licensed to clean, pack, sample, treat and export seed according to New Zealand, OECD, ELJ and AOSCA protocols

The company has a long history and a high level of expertise in seed cleaning and cleans a wide variety of seed for a wide range of customers.

Seed cleaned on our plants include:

  • • Cereal
  • • Brassicas
  • • Clovers
  • • Herbs
  • • Ryegrass
  • • Fescues
  • • Browntop
  • • Cocksfoot
  • • Medics
  • • Pulses

We offer the following seed treatments:

Peridiam coatings improve seed treatment quality and support on-seed performance.

A seed treatment fungicide for control of loose and stinking smut in wheat, and loose and covered smut in barley and oats.

A seed treatment fungicide for control of smuts, bunts, seed borne net blotch and fusarium species. ​
A seed treatment fungicide for control of smuts, bunts, seed borne net blotch and fusarium species.

A systemic seed treatment fungicide for the control of foliar diseases in wheat such as powdery mildew, leaf rust and stripe rust.

A systemic insecticide for the control of Argentine stem weevil, grass grub larvae and aphids (vectors of BYDV) in establishing cereal crops.

Offers systemic control of scald, net blotch, leaf rust, ramularia, smuts and bunt. Can offer control of scald to GS49 (“paint brush”) in barley.

Rancona Dimension
Proven to be an outstanding seed treatment for wheat, barley and oats. It combines excellent control of smuts and bunt with impeccable safety to seed emergence and viability. It provides superior control of pythium and suppression of rhizoctonia and crown rot in wheat and barley.

Kinto Duo
Kinto Duo offers systemic and proactive activity against Fusarium, net blotch, covered smut, powdery mildew, stripe rust, loose smut and scald over a wide range of cereals.

Seed Multiplication
Luisetti Seeds specialise in Seed Multiplication for reproduction and
re-export to international companies in the Northern Hemisphere.

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Seed Dressing
Luisetti Seeds takes pride in our
state-of-the-art seed-cleaning machinery and grain-handling equipment. We retain control over quality and timing at every stage in the production process.
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Seed Supply
We provide seed and the latest technology to add value to the business of farming, backed by over 88 years of family-based integrity and experience. Please feel free to get in touch today.
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