Luisetti Seeds is a Family owned and operated company located in Rangiora and Ashburton on the Canterbury plains of the South Island of New Zealand. Experts in retailing and wholesaling grain & seed throughout New Zealand and around the world.

Since 1932

Luisetti Seeds has been trading profitably since the Company’s inception in 1932. There are four family members working for the company, which has a permanent staff of 40.


Through research, integrity and the talents of our staff, Luisetti Seeds aim to become the best and most trusted provider of grain and seed products and services in New Zealand.


We provide seed and the latest technology to add value to the business of farming, backed by over 75 years of family based integrity and experience.

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2 days ago

Luisetti Seeds

Luisetti Seeds
2018 Paddock of the Year

Luisetti Seeds would like to congratulate Jan Lepoutre, his parents and brother Gurt on winning the Luisetti Seeds paddock of the year with an excellent crop of tetraploid perennial ryegrass. Jan and his family farm approximately 1000 ha between Dorie and Rakaia.

The ryegrass was a tetraploid forage perennial which Luisetti Seeds multiply for a Japanese company. The paddock was planted in May, following a crop of onions. The grass established well in the autumn but had little growth through the winter. The paddock showed vigorous growth in the spring providing some very useful grazing.

The crop delivered a healthy 3.4 tonnes per hectare to the store and after dressing losses of around 20% ended up with a machine dressed yield of just shy of 2.7 tonnes per hectare.
The Japanese specifications are exceptionally high, and thanks to the collaborative effort from the Lepoutre team and the staff at Luisetti Seeds, the final product was very high quality, with the main line testing at 100% purity and 99% germination.

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