Archie, Progrow, Sultan, Tama, Zoom

Listed alongside each cultivar is their: “Ploidy, Endophyte types and Heading dates. Cultivars are positioned according to heading date.

PROGROW | Diploid | +13 days

  • Older Westerwold variety suitable for short term use as winter feed, grazing or baleage.
  • Quick establishing, with medium leaf size and tiller density.
  • Late heading date.
  • Shows excellent grazing tolerance and regrowth from heavy winter grazing.

TAMA | Tetraploid | +13 days

  • Broad leaved erect growing tetraploid with lower number of tillers.
  • Late season heading date.
  • Has rapid autumn establishment followed by very good cold season growth.
  • High palatability makes this cultivar ideal for winter feed or baleage in spring.

ARCHIE | Tetraploid | +13 days

  • Rapid establishing tetraploid ideal for winter feed.
  • Late heading date.
  • Will last 6-8 months.

SULTAN | Diploid | +15 days

  • Fast establishment followed by strong autumn, winter and spring growth.
  • Versatile end use – grazing or baleage.
  • Late heading date with excellent palatability.
  • Bred for disease tolerance.

ZOOM | Tetraploid  | +16 days

  • A densely tillered, highly palatable annual ryegrass.
  • Ideal for winter feed due to outstanding cool season performance.
  • Best used as winter feed crop or cut for hay/baleage.
  • Late heading with low aftermath heading.