Other Annual Ryegrass

Listed alongside each cultivar are their Ploidy and Heading dates.
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Cultivars are positioned according to heading date.

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Ploidy | Diploid

Heading dates | +13 days

Suitable for short term use as winter feed, grazing or baleage.

Older Westerwold variety.

Quick establishing, with medium leaf size and tiller density.

Shows excellent grazing tolerance and regrowth from heavy winter grazing.


Ploidy | Tetraploid

Heading dates | +13 days

Rapid establishing tetraploid ideal for winter feed.

Will last 6-8 months.


Ploidy | Diploid

Heading dates | +15 days

Versatile end use – grazing or baleage.

Fast establishment followed by strong autumn, winter and spring growth.

Bred for disease tolerance.

Excellent palatability.


Ploidy | Tetraploid

Heading dates | +16 days

Best used as winter feed crop or cut for hay/baleage.

A densely tillered, highly palatable annual ryegrass.

Ideal for winter feed due to outstanding cool season performance.

Low aftermath heading.