Other Turnips

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Cultivars are positioned according to heading date.

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Suitable for all classes of grazing stock.

High leaf yields from multi crowned bulbs.

Can be sown from spring to autumn.

Vigorous establishment with quick maturity (60 to 100 days).



Versatile crop suitable for milking cows, lamb finishing or hogget rearing.

High yielding, early maturing turnip (60-90 days).

Provides a good forage crop in a wide range of soils and climatic conditions.

High utilisation of leaf and tankard shaped bulb.


Summer forage crop for dairy cows.

Produces high dry matter yield (8-12 tonne/ha).

Maturity date of 70-100 days.

Ideal forage replacement in summer when pasture quality and quantity declines.


Grown for late autumn/early winter feed.

Medium maturing (16-18 weeks).

Bred for improved Turnip Mosaic Virus tolerance.

Higher leaf to bulb ratio than York Globe.


Best used as summer turnip to fill feed vacuum during summer.

Early maturing cultivar (60-90 days).

Single graze, with excellent leaf production and tanker shaped bulb allowing good utilisation.


Suitable for use as summer/autumn/winter feed.

Mid maturing (90-100 days) stubble turnip.

High yield from round bulb and erect, productive tops.