Luisetti Seeds’ Mark Frampton takes on the Air Rescue Challenge

NZGTA Gladiators – George Gerard, Callum Davidson, Steve Pugh and Mark Frampton, STANDING IN FRONT OF RESCUE HELICOPTER

Caption The New Zealand Grain and Seed Trade Association team “ The Gladiators” will be competing in this year’s Air Rescue Challenge on September 22.

Luisetti Seeds’ Operation Manager Mark Frampton, will be putting his mental acuity and physical fitness to the test on September 22 when he takes part in this year’s Air Rescue Challenge.

Mark is competing as a member of the four-person team representing the New Zealand Grain and Seed Trade Association team.

The Air Rescue Challenge raises money for the Westpac Air Rescue Helicopter. Teams have to work together to complete 15 challenge stations, each reflecting the mental and physical challenges the air rescue teams face every day during the course of their work.

The exact challenges will be revealed to the teams on the day, but Mark says he is looking forward to competing and raising money for this lifesaving service. He is particularly looking forward to going head-to-head with the Barenbrug Agriseeds team and is sure the good seeds will prevail!

Every rescue mission costs $5000 and is not fully government funded. The New Zealand Grain and Seed Trade Association team hopes to raise funds for at least one rescue mission.

“Everyone knows someone who has had to use these services and you never know when you or your loved ones may need this crucial service, “says Mark.

Please join us in supporting Mark and the Westpac Air Rescue Helicopter by donating here