Luisetti Forage Crop Range - KALE

CALEDONIAN – Intermediate type

  • High yielding with softer stems.
  • Moderate leaf to stem ratio.
  • Good winter hardiness and club root tolerance.
  • Excellent winter feed for cattle.

COLEOR – Medium type

  • Very high leaf to stem ratio.
  • High digestibility and ME.
  • Shows good winter hardiness.
  • Will withstand heavy snowfalls.

FUEL – Intermediate type

  • Good leaf to stem ratio with high overall yield.
  • Suitable for all stock types.
  • Very good tolerance to brassica diseases.

GRUNER – Tall type

  • High growing, high yielding cultivar.
  • Most suited to cattle.
  • Frost hardy with good resistance to lodging.
  • Higher stem content in total dry matter.
  • Maximises per hectare forage production.

INKA – Tall type

  • Very high yielding giant kale.
  • Developed for winter grazing for cattle.
  • Good lodging tolerance in poor conditions.
  • Sow late spring.

KESTREL – Medium type

  • Leafy cultivar with excellent leaf to stem ratio.
  • Suitable for sheep, cattle or deer.
  • Good regrowth if lightly grazed during late summer
  • High digestibility and low SMCO levels.

REGAL – Intermediate type

  • High yielding intermediate type kale.
  • Has a high leaf to stem ratio where leaf can make up to 45% of total dry matter.
  • Excellent pest and disease tolerance.
  • Very good crop utillisation.
  • SOVEREIGN Intermediate type
  • Medium/tall kale with very good yield potential.
  • Even at high level yields stems are thinner than giant types, enhancing utilisation.
  • Best suited to cattle and deer.
  • Good leaf to stem ratio and will maintain leaf quality into early spring.

VOLTAGE – Medium type

  • Leafy variety suitable for all classes of stock.
  • High crop utilisation.
  • Good lodging resistance under snow.
  • Excellent disease tolerance.