Tuatara™ Plantain

New and improved plantain cultivar. Performs well as a pure sward or in mixtures with other species.


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Agronomic features

  • Tuatara™ has been selected for increased DM production with a broad, upright leafy habit for improved animal intake.
  • Tuatara™ has a late flowering date for extended quality, yet maintains early cool season production.
  • Tuatara™ is a fast-establishing species, productive and persistent over a broad range of soils and climatic conditions, particularly less fertile soils and dryland regions. Tolerates summer heat well.
  • Tuatara™ Plantain can be mixed with red and white clovers (sub clovers in the autumn) with the addition of chicory to finish lambs and bulls, or combined with multiple graze brassicas and clovers for lamb finishing. Supports excellent animal performance, especially in spring.
  • In wet seasons yields of 11 – 15t DM/ha are possible, but in dry seasons yields of 6 – 9t DM/ha are more realistic.
  • Rapid post-grazing regrowth.

High yield.


Suitable for
Forage herb

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