Classic Gold Pasture Mix

“Safe” pasture and may be grazed by animals such as sheep, cattle, deer, goats and horses.

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Cultivars are positioned according to heading date.

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Agronomic features

  • The ryegrasses used in this mix WILL NOT have Lolitrem B or Ergovaline, toxins produced by the ryegrass endophyte that cause disorders in animals such as grass staggers and heat stress.
  • High-quality blend of:
    • Perennial AR1 Ryegrass
    • Short Rotation Ryegrass
    • Huia White Clover
    • Broad Red Clover
    • Timothy
  • Sow in autumn or spring at the recommended rate of 25kg per Ha. Sow at a depth of approximately 15mm using divided drill points to give better ground cover. Broadcasting may also be satisfactory if harrows and/or roller is used to cover the seed.  This seed mix is also suitable for spray/drill method of establishment.
  • For rapid establishment, sow in a firm, fine and moist seedbed, free of weeds. Fertilise with nitrogen, phosphate and potash (e.g. Cropmaster).
  • Use a top dressing of superphosphate or Cropmaster six months after sowing and each subsequent year.

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