Substantial dry matter yield advantage over rivals without sacrificing feed value.
Frost tolerant, high-quality forage oat.


Agronomic features

  • Leading cultivar in recent trials.
  • IntimidatorTM Oats catch nitrate losses following winter fodder grazing.
  • A valuable catch-crop, IntimidatorTM Oats have the ability to regrow after grazing, are frost tolerant and have higher protein levels than many other cereals.
  • IntimidatorTM yielded significantly more than Milton and Coronet forage oats (22% and 17% respectively) in a spring-sown replicated field trial in Canterbury.
  • IntimidatorTM oats maintain quality and yield.
  • Recent trials showed that Intimidator Oats produced an average of 17.8 tonnes of dry matter per hectare.

High yield.


Suitable for
Early to late winter grazing
Green-chop/whole-crop silage

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