New ryecorn with superior production of high-quality forage in winter.


Agronomic features

  • Withstands cold conditions very well. Ideally suited for multi-grazing during winter in pastoral systems in New Zealand’s cool regions – especially in the south, inland and at high altitudes.
  • Silage can be made from Maimai® ryecorn if the crop is taken through the spring.
  • Bred specifically for winter forage production.
  • Maimai® grows and develops faster than Rahu, and it has a taller, more erect growth habit with a more open canopy and larger leaves.
  • Larger seed size. Sow at a higher seeding rate. Establishes vigorously.
  • Produces at least 10% higher total forage yield than Rahu.

High yield.


Suitable for
Winter forage.

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