A farmer friendly milling wheat

High yielding and high protein, with good disease and sprout resistance.

A farmer friendly milling wheat.


Agronomic features

  • Shoot emergence length for Conquest will be shorter than most wheat cultivars, so take care not to sow too deep. We recommend 3-4 cm.
  • Apply Nitrogen early to maximise yield potential.
  • Conquest responds well to wetter conditions and will also finish well in drier conditions.
  • Low to medium fungicide inputs can be used for Conquest crops, but we recommend good early mildew control and a good ear wash fungicide.
  • Good yield. Capable of 10t/ha autumn sown and irrigated.
  • Good tolerance to seedling rust, adult stripe rust and BYDV. Medium tolerance to fusarium. Susceptible to a new race of leaf rust. Moderately susceptible to mildew. Autumn sown crops require three fungicide applications.

Disease resistance:
(as indicated by FAR Cultivar Evaluation 2017/2018)

Good. Capable of 10t/ha autumn sown and irrigated.

Early for bread wheats.

Suitable for
Premium Milling Wheat

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