Replaces Conquest.

Larger grain size and higher yields. It is well suited to lighter land, dry land and later sowings.


Agronomic features

  • Shoot emergence length for Reliance will be shorter than most wheat cultivars, so take care not to sow too deep. We recommend 3-4 cm.
  • Reliance responds well to wetter conditions and will also finish very well in drier conditions.
  • Apply Nitrogen early to maximise yield potential.
  • Larger seed size, consistently within the 44-48g/1000 range, which equips it well for tougher finishing conditions.
  • Yields 3 to 5% above Conquest. Capable of 10-11 t/ha autumn sown and irrigated.
  • Good tolerance to seedling and adult stripe rust and BYDV. Medium tolerance to Septoria leaf blotch and mildew. Susceptible to leaf rust. Autumn sown crops require three fungicide applications.

Disease resistance:
(as indicated by FAR Cultivar Evaluation 2017/2018)

Very good – 3 to 5% above Conquest. Capable of 10 to 11 t/ha autumn sown and irrigated.


Suitable for
Premium Milling Wheat

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