High yielding premium milling wheat suitable for heavier land and mid-April to late-August sowings.


Agronomic features

  • Griffin is a facultative wheat with no vernalisation requirements, performing best when sown from late April through until late August.
  • Griffin is a later maturing cultivar than Conquest and Reliance, maturing 7 – 10 days later when autumn sown.
  • Increase tiller and grain numbers with early Nitrogen.
  • Lower level of gluten epitopes than current wheats on the market. Gluten epitopes are segments of proteins that contribute to gut inflammation through prolonged exposure to gluten-containing foods in genetically susceptible people.
  • Yields over 12 t/ha if managed well.
  • Moderately resistant to stripe rust, moderately susceptible to SLB, susceptible to leaf rust and mildew.

Disease resistance:
(as indicated by FAR Cultivar Evaluation 2017/2018)

Very reliable. Performing consistently throughout the country. Greater than 12 t/ha if well-managed.


Suitable for
Premium Milling Wheat

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