Boardroom table, built using the old elevator

We’re bringing a piece of history into the boardroom

In the years before we handled all our inward deliveries in bulk, the total harvest arrived at the Luisetti Seeds door in sacks. You can imagine what a big job it was unloading all those lorries each carrying 100 to 150 sacks. As the sacks were unloaded, they were individually branded, wheeled into a shed and stacked up. These sacks reached up to the roof and the men doing this hot and heavy work took great pride in their ability to make the stack correctly and with straight sides. A stack incorrectly erected could possibly fall over in which case it would need to be completely disassembled and the team would start again from scratch.

In more recent times, these stacks were built with the aid of an ‘elevator’ – a revolving chain on which the sacks are placed and travelled up. The elevator we have used to construct the Boardroom table is only a very small one and was used for loading out seed onto trucks. Richard Luisetti used the elevator himself, when he started working for his father at Luisetti Seeds as a young man of 22.

Nowadays, we have forklifts and pallets to do the heavy lifting and stacking. The elevator, while still a good-looking piece of machinery, is no longer necessary. We are delighted to have created a boardroom table out of this piece of Luisetti Seeds’ history. The chains and supporting structure of the elevator form the base of the table, while a glass table top lets you see the old machinery in all its glory. It’s a not just a statement piece, it’s a piece of Luisetti Seeds!