Catherine milling wheat

Catherine shines in performance trials

Our new premium two milling wheat, “Catherine”, was the stand-out performer in the Foundation for Arable Research’s (FAR) May-sown milling wheat Cultivar Performance Trials (CPT).

The annual FAR CPT trials are a truly independent test of cereal cultivars. Grown under commercial conditions at different sites across Canterbury, the cereals are therefore tested in a range of climates and soil types. In this particular milling wheat trial, all the wheats were grown under irrigation.

Trialled as CRWT235, our wheat well and truly exceeded the mean yields at all four sites; these were at Aylesbury, Methven, Dorie and Winchester.

The yields are relative to a base of 100 – which is the average yield across all the cultivars in the trial. In this case CRWT235 was up against 10 other cultivars and yields ranged from 105 at the Aylesbury site to 114 at Winchester. At the Methven site, the wheat yielded 108 and 109 at Dorie.

Adding more weight to these outstanding results is the fact that they are an adjusted four-year mean, which takes into account the absence of some cultivars in trials. Basically, it allows for the fair comparison between cultivars within each site and region.

We have decided to name this wheat Catherine in recognition of Catherine Munro, a long-serving wheat researcher at Plant & Food Research.

Catherine is available in limited quantities for Luisetti Seed growers. Contact your Luisetti Seeds agronomist as soon as possible to take advantage of the yield potential offered by this new milling wheat cultivar.


Catherine milling wheat

Catherine milling wheat was the standout performer in the recent Foundation for Arable Research Cultivar Performance Trials.