Darfield Rugby Club Maintains Quality of Its Grounds


Darfield Rugby Club President James Scollay inspects the newly sown pitch

Last season the Darfield club hosted finals day in Ellesmere rugby. As a result of bad weather, especially snow, the two fields at the club were badly affected (by not only the weather but the use of the farm machinery in getting them ready and the games played on them) and the rugby had to be transferred from the Saturday to the Sunday. Club officials thought something had to be done to avoid a repeat. Enter Luisetti Seeds. The proud principal sponsor of Country Rugby was approached by Darfield officials and as a result provided $3,000-$4,000 worth of seed to assist with ground maintenance at the club and to reduce the risk of similar problems occurring in future.

“This is not the first time that we have helped a club,” Luisetti Seeds director Vincent Luisetti says. “Although it was a bigger prospect in that the seed we have given is being used for two fields.”

The seed is sown in the autumn to ensure that it is established by the winter. The effect of the sports turf grass is that it makes the playing surface more robust and, accordingly, it allows for better rugby.

Luisetti Seeds, and the Luisetti Family have a strong rugby tradition in North Canterbury rugby built over five generations. “Rugby plays an important part in communities in rural Canterbury and we are delighted that we are able to help from time-to-time,” Vincent says. Vincent says that the Darfield club has expressed its gratitude for Luisetti Seeds’ assistance. While it is hoped, as always, that climatic conditions will not adversely affect rugby in Canterbury this season, if it does then Darfield will be one of the best places in the province
to lace-up the boots.

Craig Millar, club captain of the Darfield Rugby Club, says the club is extremely grateful for the assistance of Luisetti Seeds. “Luisetti
Seeds are a fantastic supporter of Country Rugby and they have come to the party and helped us. Their generosity has meant that not only our players, but players throughout Ellesmere and Country, will have much better surfaces to play on in wet weather.”

Craig says that the seed has been laid recently on one Darfield field already by club members, with the second field to follow and as a result the club will be prepared for bad weather this season.

Article reprinted from CRFU newsletter