2013 World Jet Boat Marathon


2013 World Jet Boat Marathon

Luisetti Seeds is pleased to announce we will be supporting Rick Johnson’s bid to win the 2013 World Jet Boat Marathon to be held in New Zealand later this year.

Rick Johnson farms Mt Torlesse Station at Springfield, and with his wife Leanne, are Luisetti Seeds clients. Rick and Leanne grow large areas of wheat, oats and barley for both Luisetti Seeds and Stapletons.

Over the last five years Rick and Leanne have converted the flat land on the station to intensive cropping. Luisetti Seeds has been very much involved in all aspects of the conversion, providing cultivation advice, selecting cultivars, arranging agricultural chemical applications, providing advice on harvesting and handling the subsequent crop. Rick says the advice and products provided by Luisetti Seeds have been invaluable to his new cropping operation.

The Waimakariri River provides a boundary to Mt Torlesse Station and Rick with a lifetime interest in jet boats has been involved in jet boat racing for 25 years. Recently Rick and his crew were placed third in an Inter Provincial series race.

The boat is an eighteen foot aluminium Stringer tunnel hull powered by a modified 4 litre V8 Nissan engine, which produces over 450 horsepower. The motor drives an American turbine single stage jet unit at speeds up to 150 km/hour. Rick says there will be faster boats in the World Jet Boat Marathon – some boats are even powered by jet engines! However, as Rick points out, the event is a marathon (911 km’s) and reliability is every bit as important as speed.

The Grain of Truth will keep our readers updated with Rick’s progress in the lead up races to the marathon which starts on the 11th October 2013. In the meantime we wish Rick and his crew all the best in the build up.