New Bean Cultivars under Trial

Luisetti cultivar ‘Goldilocks’

Luisetti Seeds has been trialling new bean cultivars that may have an advantage over the cultivars currently used in the New Zealand frozen vegetable industry.

The trials, which were located at Leeston in a paddock of green beans, were harvested for the Heinz Wattie factory at Hornby.

The green and yellow cultivars were assessed in the field for yield, disease resistance and plant architecture.

Nigel Row-Lucas, Heinz Wattie Agronomist discusses the bean trial results with trial operator Amanda Fallow-Pender of Townsend Seeds.

At harvest time, a further analysis was carried out to determine their suitability for processing. This included assessing colour, blemishes, stalk retention and factory yields.

Data gained from the trial will be compared to current New Zealand bean cultivar results and assessed by our frozen vegetable customers.