Luisetti Seeds Fortitude

A new high yielding barley with very good disease resistance to scald and net blotch

Sowing Date

May to early November.




Very reliable as confirmed in FAR trial reports.  Performing consistently throughout the country.


Good grain size and test weight.


Medium with good strength.  Some growth regulator is beneficial in areas of very high yield or lush growth.

Disease Resistance

Particularly good resistance to scald, leaf rust and BYDV, making it an ideal choice as a winter or spring cultivar.  Good resistance to powdery mildew and moderate susceptibility to net blotch.

Key Agronomic Points

Very good scale resistance allows for early sowings without the need for extra fungicides.  Excellent overall disease resistance package.  Very flexible cultivar for a range of sowing dates and high yield potential across all environments.  Low cost cultivar to grow.