Maimai ® Ryecorn

Maimai® is a new ryecorn with superior production of high-quality forage in winter.  It withstands cold conditions very well, and is ideally suited for multi-grazing during winter in pastoral systems in New Zealand’s cool regions – especially in the south, inland and at high altitudes.

Forage ryecorn is a popular cereal option for winter grazing to supplement pasture and other crops in animal production systems.

Maimai ® is an exciting new ryecorn forage cultivar with attributes that make it a compelling choice for discerning New Zealand farmers

  • Maimai is a modern, better-performing substitute for the enduring old cultivar Rahu, which is still the mainstay of ryecorn forage production in New Zealand, 40 years after it was released in 1976.
  • Maimai was bred specifically for winter forage production.
  • Maimai grows and develops faster than Rahu and has a taller, erect growth habit with an open canopy and larger leaves than Rahu (see photos).
  • Maimai generally has a larger seed size than Rahu, and establishes more vigorously. A higher sowing rate is required for Maimai.
  • Forage quality of Maimai is similar to other ryecorns.
  • Maimai is well-adapted in Oregon and Northern California where it has been tested in field trials during two seasons and is now grown commercially.
  • Its adaptation and superior production capability in New Zealand conditions was shown in field trials in Canterbury. It produced 10% higher total forage yield than Rahu from three cuts during winter-early spring, with its main advantage in the winter and spring regrowth periods.

Maimai’s resilience and cool-season growth make it ideally suited to

  • Pastoral systems in New Zealand’s tough cold winter climates, such as the Central Plateau, Maniototo, Mackenzie Country, Otago and Southland.
  • Multi-grazing during winter, with the added option of an additional silage harvest after regrowth in spring.
  • In addition to its performance features, especially its superior winter resilience and productivity, choosing Maimai ® makes good economic sense
  • Maimai delivers a good return on investment because of its higher yield.
  • In trials, Maimai’s 10% higher yield produced extra income of $200 per ha (assuming a value of 25 cents per kg of dry matter for the additional 800 kg/ha).
  • The economic advantage Maimai over Rahu was 7% when the higher seed cost and sowing rate were taken into account.
  • The main costs of production, such as cultivation and fertiliser are similar for all cultivars.

Maimai is produced under Luisetti Seeds quality assurance programme and is registered and produced under the New Zealand Government Seed Certification Scheme (Rahu in contrast is not produced under a recognised certification scheme and the integrity and purity of Rahu seed cannot be guaranteed having been “saved for seed” without check for over 40 years!)