High-yielding, high-quality forage pea. Grow alone or in cereal forage mixes for high stock growth.

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Agronomic features

  • Miami produces a high number of pods per plant. In recent field trials Miami produced an average yield of 6.2 t/ha of peas compared with Rex at 4.7 t/ha.
  • Miami is a spring sown, erect, semi leafless, white pea cultivar, with excellent standing ability. Miami has a longer seed set and filling period than Rex, and matures 3-4 days later.
  • Miami produces a clean, smooth, white pea for use in livestock feeds and human consumption.
  • Miami is best sown in the spring (from mid-September to late October). Avoid sowing Miami before September. We recommend a seed rate of 275 kg/ha.
  • Miami will produce high yields under irrigation provided it is well managed.
  • Like all field pea cultivars Miami can be affected by alfalfa mosaic virus and cucumber mosaic virus, which are both transmitted by aphids. Miami is susceptible to powdery mildew so a preventative fungicide should be considered if the peas are still flowering during January.
  • The standing ability of this cultivar makes it incredibly easy to harvest – it is almost always standing at harvest time and can even be harvested without pea-lifters.
  • A good choice of cultivar if on stony paddocks or where there is no ability to roll the crop at sowing.

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