SF Bolt Forage Triticale


SF Bolt Forage Triticale

This spring Luisetti Seeds will offer its growers the latest in forage triticale technology with SF Bolt. Forage triticale is a versatile cereal which is a cross between wheat and ryecorn. Seed Force’s Central South Island Territory Manager David Walsh explains, “SF Bolt is the latest in forage triticale development utilising unique double haploid technology. This improves crop uniformity, meaning all plants mature at a similar time, enabling consistent yields across the paddock and ease of harvest.”

Disease pressure can be a major factor influencing forage triticale yields. “One of SF Bolt’s key attributes is it has very good resistance to rust and other diseases. This can potentially reduce the number of expensive fungicides that other older varieties may require. Even under a thorough fungicide programme older varieties can still be affected by disease, reducing plant quality and potential yield” David says.

SF Bolt is a versatile option and can be utilised many ways this spring. When taking the crop as whole crop cereal silage (WCCS) it should be harvested at between 35 – 40% dry matter. The grain inside the seed head at this stage is commonly referred to as the cheesy dough stage. Ensiling at the correct stage will optimise preservation. The chop length should be between 10-20mm, and an inoculant should be used.

The other option for Bolt is to harvest early, at the boot stage. This stage is just as the tips of the awns are coming out of the leaf sheaf. It can then be utilised in the same manner as grass silage – a protein feed, compared to the carbohydrate feed that is WCCS. The crop is usually cut and wilted to 30% dry matter before ensiling in stacks or bales.

Sown at 170kg/ha Bolt on its own will be a high yielding forage crop suitable for green chop or WCCS.

This season Luisetti Seeds will have Bolt triticale/Provider pea mix available. Sown at 200kg/ha in August or September, this mix will yield higher than a triticale crop alone, with the Provider pea content lifting the overall quality of the crop (see accompanying Provider pea brochure for yield and quality data and comparisons).

Talk to your local Luisetti Seeds or Stapletons agent today about SF Bolt forage triticale or Provider peas.