Luisetti Conquest Wheat ProductThe new Premium milling wheat Conquest, licensed to Luisetti Seeds, has been well received by both millers and growers following last year’s successful milling evaluation and strong performance inc cultivar trials.

Conquest is proving to be a very consistent, low-risk cultivar for the industry in terms of yield and quality.  Last year it performed well across a wide range of sowing dates, locations and growing conditions.  Based on the FAR cultivar autumn booklet results it clearly out-performs other Premium cultivars and competes yield-wise with the top end of the next milling category.

Grading results also confirm Conquest’s low risk status with good falling numbers and sprout resistance, very high proteins, medium grain size, low screenings and high test weights.  It has good field tolerance to most diseases and its of moderate height with good straw strength.

Conquest was bred by Crop & Food Research (CFR) for Luisetti Seeds under a joint venture arrangement.  This agreement guarantees the reinvestment of cultivar royalties into New Zealand (CRF) milling wheat breeding.  CFR operates New Zealand’s leading cereal breeding programmes, which were formerly run within the DSIR.

Luisetti Seeds and Crop & Food Research will continue to release milling wheat cultivars that are ideally suited to New Zealand growing conditions and processing requirements.