Luisetti Seeds Paddock of the Year Award


Luisetti Seeds Paddock of the Year AwardCongratulations to Greg and Sue Tucker, winners of the Luisetti Seeds ‘Paddock of the Year’ for 2009. Greg and Sue farm an intensive cropping property at Springston.

The winning crop was a 9.6 hectare paddock of Wakanui feed wheat, with a very impressive yield of 13.8 tonne per hectare.

The paddock which was two years ex clover was drilled in May using Baytan Poncho treated seed. A 1960’s Duncan 700 Seedliner was used for the job with a sowing rate of 100kg per hectare. 150kg of Crop 15 was put down the spout at drilling.

The paddock received two hits of Urea totalling 650kg per hectare.

Moisture probes were used in the paddock and Greg did his best to

ensure the paddock was never under moisture stress. The last irrigation was in mid January.

A straw shortener was applied along with four fungicide applications – Opus, an Opus/ Amistar mix, and two Folicur/Amistar mixes.

Greg and Sue were lucky to avoid any hail or frost damage which caused significant damage to some crops last year.

A large quantity of wheat straw was also baled and sold from the paddock. Greg and Sue were thrilled with their Wakanui paddock. We congratulate them on such a fine result in what was a difficult growing season.

Wakanui is a newly released feed wheat from Plant & Food which has topped many of this year’s FAR trial sites. The window for sowing Wakanui has passed but seed will be available for early feed wheat plantings next year.