Luisetti Seeds Provides Back Drop for Exotic Car Photography

The 732 Drift Team in front of Luisetti Seed Silos.

The 732 Drift Team

Luisetti Seeds yard is becoming an increasingly popular as a background for performance and custom car photographs.

Recently we were approached by NZ Performance Car to use our yard over a Friday afternoon in July.

The cars were trucked to the site and carefully unloaded (having a ground clearance of about two inches)

The story of the three cars made the front cover of New Zealand Performance Car’s October edition.

The cars belong to three friends from Reefton, known as Seven Three Two Racing (732 are the first three digits of Reefton’s phone numbers!).

The three Reefton friends, Kieran Meijer, Mark Connell and Aaron Andrew are ‘good ol’ slidey boys’ and compete in drift racing around New Zealand.  Aaron is the son of long-time Luisetti Seeds client, Russell Andrews, of Garvey Creek Farms, Reefton.

Mental preparation and nutrition are important for the sport and the 732 Team are disciplined in their pre-race day rituals.  The night before a race, the team meets at the 732 Racing Headquarters (Kieran’s place) where they enjoy fizzy drinks and a healthy serving of fish and chips while watching a hearty serving of drift videos to build the hype for two days of sliding.

Photographer: Richard Opie

1997 Nissan Silvia in front of Luisetti Seed Silos

1997 Nissan Silvia

1992 Nissan Cefiro in front of Luisetti Seed Silos

1992 Nissan Cefiro