New computer system streamlines orders and dispatches

A tall white cake topped with pink and white roses, with gold leaf details and a scrolling 'Thank You' in cursive as a topper. In icing below, "Marie we heart LMS"

A morning tea, complete with cake, was held to thank Marie Bell for all the work she has done to get LMS designed and implemented.

The adoption of a bespoke computer system represents a significant move for Luisetti Seeds, away from a traditional paper-based ordering and dispatch system to an electronic one.

Finance Manager, Marie Bell, has spent the best part of four years on this project, having identified that the complexities of the Luisetti Seeds’ business meant that an off-the-shelf software system would not be up to the job.

Instead, Marie worked with Christchurch-based company, Stratos Technology Partners to design and build a software package that would meet the Company’s very specific needs. The result is LMS- a system designed to benefit both staff and clients.

In what is a staged roll-out, the first part, a stock management system went “live” on July 1. This has enabled agronomists to place orders while they are in the field. They can also see what stock is available, how orders are progressing and change orders with the push of button.

At the store-end, the days of handwritten dispatch notes has come to an end and all stock is now managed electronically.

Marie says the new system has been universally accepted and found favour with everyone using it, from the staff in the store to the agents in the field.

“The agronomists love it because they can place orders while they are in the field instead of writing out order forms and either faxing or taking them back into the office.”

Luisetti Seeds agronomist, Kerry Thomas, is effusive in his praise of LMS and says it is lot more professional than the old paper-based ordering system.

He says he can place, trace and edit orders electronically, while he is with clients, and then check they have gone through that night.

Kerry says it is an extremely use-friendly system and he credits Marie for helping build a system that benefits everyone.

“I can’t talk highly enough about it – it has been so easy to use.”

Rangiora Dispatch Coordinator Ryan Welsh has embraced LMS and says it allows him to find all the information he needs immediately and in one place.

Ryan, who started with Luisetti Seeds in March, says he had experience with similar systems before and while there were a couple of teething problems at the outset, these were minimal and quickly ironed-out.

The next phase of the roll-out will streamline the processing side of the business.

Edward Luisetti presents Marie with an envelope and a beautiful cake as thanks for her work implementing the new computer system.

Edward Luisetti thanks Marie on behalf of the company