Luisetti Seed Cleaning Machine


Luisetti Seed Cleaning Machine

The operation of the new Oliver Voyager gravity table at Stapletons has been so successful that an identical model has been ordered for Luisetti Seeds and is expected to be fitted and running by harvest 2013.

The Stapletons Voyager was the first computer controlled gravity table installed in New Zealand. Gravity tables sort seed based on specific gravity. The seed is ‘fluidised’ with air blowing up through the bed of the table.

The table can then be tilted, as seed with the highest bulk density travels to the high point of the table.

The tilt and angle of the table is adjusted hydraulically along with variations to the air speed from a central control consul.

The Voyager is the largest gravity table manufactured by Oliver (based in Colorado, U.S.A). The Voyager will offer our growers superior purities while minimising product loss and will be used in the cleaning of clover, peas, brassicas and some cereals.