Luisetti Seeds Oliver Voyager gravity table is now up and running in preparation for this year’s brassica, clover and pea harvest.

The Oliver Voyager (which is identical to the model installed at Stapletons last year) separates seeds based on bulk density.

The seed is “fluidised” on the table by four large fans flowing through a perforated deck. The table is set on an angle and the good seed works its way to the high side of the table while the lighter seed and weed seed travel to the lower side.

The Oliver Voyager is capable of very fine and accurate separations over it’s large table area, improving the quality of the machine dressed seed while at the same time minimising dressing loss.

A gravity table is often the most difficult of all seed cleaning machines to set correctly.

The Oliver Voyager is computer controlled, operated with a single “joy stick” and touch pad and includes 20 different presets that can be retained by the operator when the “sweet spot” of difficult separations is found. Operator Craig Smith, with years of experience setting gravity tables, can fine tune it so it almost talks!