Luisetti Srrds Gravity Table


Luisetti Srrds Gravity TableStapletons has just ordered a new Oliver Voyager gravity table from America. A gravity table separates seed based on bulk density and is used for cleaning peas, clover, brassicas and sometimes cereals.

The Voyager gravity table is the largest model manufactured by Oliver and will be the first gravity table in New Zealand to be computer controlled. Once the gravity table sets itself with the aid of the computer, fine adjustments are then made by the operator to maximise purity and minimise product loss.

The Oliver Manufacturing Company has been making gravity tables in Colorado for 75 years and this is the second gravity table we have purchased from them.

Mr Oliver visited Luisetti Seeds in the 1950’s and Vince Luisetti (Senior) purchased a gravity table from him which was shipped from America and used on the clover machine at Luisetti Seeds for many years.

The Oliver Company are delighted to be reintroducing their machinery to New Zealand but added that they hope they won’t have to wait another 60 years for their next order from Luisetti Seeds!